Handmade, tuneable wooden whistles in a range of pitches and timbers including Rosewood, Huon and Boxwood. Pitches: High G, E, Eb, High D, C, Bb, Low G, F, Low Eb & Low D.

Prices range according to pitch, from $490 – $990

Available now for purchase

Wooden High D Whistles in; Huon, Maple, Boxwood, Native Olive and Budgeroo $590

WOODEN FLUTES (Based on historic design)

Flute orders welcome. See pricelist here.

  • Romantic Period Concert Flute design (after Ruddall and Rose of London, measured at The Phillip Bate Collection, Oxford University).
  • 1830s Patent Head model
  • Full 8 key, 6 key or keyless instrument with tuneable head and adjustable stopper, block mounts and keywork in brass as standard (Sterling Silver optional, as extra).
  • Grenadilla (African Blackwood), Mopane, Rosewood or Boxwood.

Also available, Baroque period one-key flute after GA Rottenburg with register foot and adjustable stopper.


Currently under development is the treble/alto recorder after Stanesby and Denner, Descant after Steenburgen and Haka.


Baroque 2 key oboe after Stanesby, measured at Oxford University and Edinburgh Museum collections. Brass keys as standard, sterling silver optional (as extra).